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Soldano SLO-30 2x12 Speaker Selection?

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08/28/2020 3:05pm

Hey All,

I have a 2x12 I am using with my Soldano SLO (the new 30 Watt 6L6 version of the SLO). It is a very cool amp but I feel like it is being held back by the speakers in my 2x12 (G12T-100s) they really uninspiring and I cannot seem to get the kind of presence/treble I was expecting from this amp and they are not getting gobs of crunch/bite.

I am boosting the 3.5K-4K area with an EQ but would like some livelier speakers for 80s and 90s rock and metal. Dokken, Metallica, GNR, et al.

I am considering:
Retro 30/Reaper HP
Retro 30/Invader
Retro 30/Veteran 30

But am open to anyone else's thoughts... :)

I know the Soldano cabs are V30s and that some folks really like Greenbacks with 100W SLO but I am basically looking for something kind of crunchy and in your face a little bit with the presence.

I want 100W power handling because I do have a second rack rig with a 100W power amp. So am looking at 50W+ 8 ohm speakers.

08/30/2020 7:17pm

Holy cow ... yeah ... the G12T-100s are sooo dead, stiff and sterile.
Given what you are looking for, I think the combo that will really NAIL what you personally are after is the combo of the VERY articulate and responsive Retro 30 and the Very Marshall Crunchy Invader.

08/31/2020 9:26am

Yeah. Celestion makes some cool speakers but this isn’t one of them. :) It feels like my cab is just not cutting it. thanks a lot for the recommendation. Maybe I will give the Invader/R30 combo a go!