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Retro 30 in Stage Right 15 / Laney Cub 12R?

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06/08/2023 8:17pm

So, I have a Stage Right 15 tube amp, which i heard is almost an exact copy of the Cub 12R schematics, its a cool little amp, but it came stock with the 70/80, which I felt would have been great for bluesy stuff and worked quite well for clean tones, but with any sort of drive it just sounds a little much in the high end, it's not a bad speaker by any means, but not what I was looking for. I'm looking for a sort of grungey and punky sort of sound, which is quite mid heavy. The 70/80 is everything but mid heavy.

I heard examples of the vet 30 and liked it, but I started to Google if the Stage right 15 was a dark amp in order to try and counteract the sound of the often shrill 70/80 and I couldn't really find much. And the stuff I did find said that it was a dark amp so I went ahead and bought the retro 30 instead of the vet 30 because its still mid heavy, and I figure if the amp is on the darker side it will make the retro 30 sound closer to the vet 30. And if it's not, the retro 30 is still a great speaker from what ive heard and read. Everyone seems to say the retro 30 is warmer and less nasal than a celestion vintage 30, but brighter than the vet 30. Which is exactly what I'm looking for

I was wondering if anyone else has upgraded either the SR15 or the LC12R with the vet 30 or retro 30 and I'm wondering how well they took these speakers. Ultimately, I've already ordered the retro so I'll have an answer soon enough, but im just curious what anyone else thinks.