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Retro 30, Reaper HP, Vet 30

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12/24/2020 3:02pm

I currently have a Reaper HP and Vet 30 installed in a closed 212 cab. I also own a Retro 30 that isn't installed in anything.

Wondering if I should remove either the Reaper or the Vet 30 and install the Retro in its place. Or would I notice much of a difference? What is generally considered the best combination out of these three?

Of course I can play around with different combinations, but would rather not go through the trouble if it's all 6 to one or half a dozen the other.

Opinions appreciated. -Thanks!

12/29/2020 9:37am

The Retro 30 will add a bit of 4kHz+ chime to the mix with a more aggressive bite like a V30. Assuming it's a vertical cab, you'd need to put it on top to hope to hear that added high end. My guess is there would just be more lower bass when mixed with the Reaper HP, while the Vet 30 would add some Greenback style mid-bass, that signature Vet 30 growl, and maybe a tad more on-axis bite. I heard a great YT demo of them and they sound just superb combined. I'd try that first.

01/02/2021 1:42pm

Thought I'd give an update - for what it's worth.

I removed the Reaper HP and installed the Retro 30. The cab now has the Retro/Vet 30 combination. The Retro is on top, Vet on the bottom.

With these speakers the overall tone is a little smoother, a little brighter (without being harsh) and does have a slightly larger, rounder low end. The most interesting difference is that the cab is less directional than it was with the Reaper. Sound is dispersed more evenly than just a line directly from the cab. - I wasn't expecting this, but I like it. Low end is disbursed around the room better too.

With the Reaper, the cab sounded a little angrier at lower volumes. With the Retro, it takes more volume to reach that "anger" level, but it does very well once there, and it seems like a bigger sound at loud volumes.

The clean channel is very nice and has more Fender glass with the Retro. But both combinations sounded great clean.

I'm driving the cab with a 5150 III, 50 watt head, and it sounds great with both configurations I've tried. Posting the subtle differences as an FYI.

01/02/2021 3:35pm

That is an unexpected result. I'd think the Retro 30 would sound a bit harsher than the Reaper HP and have less bass, and very interesting about the dispersion. Maybe the Reaper HP was wired out of phase, or it's just the way the speakers combine. Glad it worked out for you.

01/02/2021 5:19pm

Wasn't out of phase. Honestly, both ways have sounded good. Differences were somewhat subtle.

01/24/2021 6:40pm

Update... FWIW. I've tried all combinations now and ended up with the original combo: Vet 30 & Reaper HP. Retro 30 is a great speaker on it's own, but is a little to Hi-Fi (my description) to blend as well with the other two as they blend with each other.

I'm running my 5150 III, 50 watt through this closed, 212 cab and the Vet/Reaper combo is ultimately the best pairing with this amp (given the 3 speakers that I'm using in this experiment).

Sounded good with all of them, but this pair is quite good.