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Replacement 10" in Orange Rocker 15

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Lloyd Warren
01/20/2019 11:24am

I've seen a lot of 15 watt combos mentioned here, just not this one. It has a very different character than these amps. It is a good sounding, beefy (for its size and what I'm using it for) tone for low volume. However, Orange talks about the speaker and how transparent it is...and it is. I'm just looking for something to tame the high end and have more mid-range and a tighter low. The highs are this speaker are a little shrill/sizzle-sounding. I tend to use a smoother gain tone...not so much "distortion". Think Andy Timmons/Allen Hinds/Eric Johnson. I use an Xotic Soul Driver for a smooth boost and gain tone, which is beautiful. Still, trying to get rid of harsh highs. What would be the best replacement 10" speaker for this combo?

01/24/2019 5:52pm

For a little more stout bottom and less shrillness ... G10C.
For a little more stout bottom and some serious top-taming, G10C/S!

jarrod messman
03/05/2019 8:44pm

I have the same amp and a similar dilemma. Although, I feel I go for much different tones than the OP. I'm more of an amp distortion or fuzz pedal guy. (Amp gain 1/2 - 3/4 or a Big Muff on the clean channel). Palm muting, power chords, rythm riffs. I'm wanting more lows, less shrill highs and a beautiful mid-range. I do play clean to but not near as much as driven.

I've always used V30's in the past so I was thinking G10 Vintage but I have had luck with WGS as well. I was wondering if the Retro 10 or ET10 would be a good choice or would you have the same recommendation you gave the OP?

Lloyd Warren
01/31/2019 8:35am

HOLY COW! I took your advice and got the G10C/S. This amp (Orange Rocker 15 combo) sounds like a boutique amp now! It's thick and deep. You can hear the whole tonal spectrum. All the "fizziness" is gone. This amp sounds amazing. The pedals I'm using, I've had to dial back and got rid of the compression pedal entirely. Great speaker! I've never seen anyone talk about upgrading this amp, but this has been a game-changer. Thanks for the recommendation!

01/15/2020 7:36am

Cool … I have a Rocker 32 combo and it has the same issues you describe. I've been running it through a Seismic 2x12 with a Warehouse Invader and Veteran 30 (each wired @ 16 ohm to it's own output jack) and it sounds light years better, but I also want to have the option to take just the combo instead of lugging around the cab as well. I'm going to get a pair of these and see what happens!

03/21/2019 7:19pm

Awesome Loyd. Thanks so much for posting your results here where we can all learn from them!

01/24/2020 12:06pm

Another shout out and thanks … just replaced the stock speakers in my Rocker 32 with a pair of G10C/S and Hooooooly S**t! The amp opened right up. No fizz, no shrill highs, tight and focused bottom. Finally, the sound in my head is a reality … nothin' but a guitar, a pair of cords, and a Klon in the signal chain and it's freaking GLORIOUS! Gonna have to consider grabbing another pair and a vertical 2x12 for my Rocker Terror 15 and a pair of the 12" version for my Dual Terror and Tiny Terror. AWESOME speaker!

Christopher Rogers
07/26/2020 11:57am

I recently picked up an orange rocker 15 combo for a good deal. I was surprised at how shrill/fizzy the dirty channel on the rocker 15 was. I'd had an orange crush pro 60 previously, which is the ss version based on the rockerverb, and, while it could get to an almost fizzy distortion with the gain all the way up, it was much smoother than this one. Anyway, long story short, I ordered the WGS G10C/S based almost entirely on this thread, as well as my own very recent experience having replaced the stock speaker in my little BS HT1R MKII with the G8C. That little 8" speaker has opened up the little amp and widened the tone range. I can't wait to throw the new speaker into my rocker 15. Based on the reactions I'm seeing here, it's quite a difference and tames that unwanted fizz/sizzle. Thanks!!! I'll post here again with my reaction.

Christopher Rogers
07/30/2020 9:02am

I received my G10C/S and installed it in Rocker 15 last night and, as other Rocker owners have noted, the change is very drastic. I still get very nice cleans and highs, but the fizz is gone. This speaker has turned my little combo amp from somewhat of a niche amplifier that did a narrow range of sounds well into something with serious versatility. I can go from glassy cleans to roaring high gain. This is my second WGS speaker and I can't recommend them enough. It's also crazy to me that amp manufacturers don't install these sweet speakers from the beginning. Thanks!

08/20/2020 10:25am

Awesome! Thanks Christopher for taking the time to share your findings!

01/19/2021 8:41pm

I had found this thread helpful while I was looking for an upgrade Rocker 15 combo speaker, so I just wanted chime in to provide my experience.

I actually ended up ordering both the ET 10 and Retro 10. I installed the ET 10 first and didn't play much at all before I knew it was the wrong speaker for this amp (or at least for me). It might have gotten better with some breaking in, but the initial impression was that it was a little too muffled (I guess some might call it the "blanket over the amp" sound). I guess that those owners in the forums that had installed - and very much enjoyed - a G10C/S (which is supposed to be even darker than the ET 10) were looking for something different out of their Rocker 15 than I was... The clean channel might have been ok with some EQ tweaking and that might have been ok if that was where I played most, but the gain channel lost that roar that attracted me to the amp in the first place, which was unacceptable.

The Retro 10 was definitely the right choice for me. It sounds fantastic installed in the Rocker 15! I expect it'll change a little bit as it gets broken in as well, but my initial impressions are a more mellow clean channel and more crunch/less fizz in the gain channel. All this while providing a sound not too far from the original speaker, just better in all the right ways! Excellent choice for helping the amp live up to the Rocker name!