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Replacement 10" in Orange Rocker 15

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Lloyd Warren
01/20/2019 11:24am

I've seen a lot of 15 watt combos mentioned here, just not this one. It has a very different character than these amps. It is a good sounding, beefy (for its size and what I'm using it for) tone for low volume. However, Orange talks about the speaker and how transparent it is...and it is. I'm just looking for something to tame the high end and have more mid-range and a tighter low. The highs are this speaker are a little shrill/sizzle-sounding. I tend to use a smoother gain tone...not so much "distortion". Think Andy Timmons/Allen Hinds/Eric Johnson. I use an Xotic Soul Driver for a smooth boost and gain tone, which is beautiful. Still, trying to get rid of harsh highs. What would be the best replacement 10" speaker for this combo?

01/24/2019 5:52pm

For a little more stout bottom and less shrillness ... G10C.
For a little more stout bottom and some serious top-taming, G10C/S!

jarrod messman
03/05/2019 8:44pm

I have the same amp and a similar dilemma. Although, I feel I go for much different tones than the OP. I'm more of an amp distortion or fuzz pedal guy. (Amp gain 1/2 - 3/4 or a Big Muff on the clean channel). Palm muting, power chords, rythm riffs. I'm wanting more lows, less shrill highs and a beautiful mid-range. I do play clean to but not near as much as driven.

I've always used V30's in the past so I was thinking G10 Vintage but I have had luck with WGS as well. I was wondering if the Retro 10 or ET10 would be a good choice or would you have the same recommendation you gave the OP?

Lloyd Warren
01/31/2019 8:35am

HOLY COW! I took your advice and got the G10C/S. This amp (Orange Rocker 15 combo) sounds like a boutique amp now! It's thick and deep. You can hear the whole tonal spectrum. All the "fizziness" is gone. This amp sounds amazing. The pedals I'm using, I've had to dial back and got rid of the compression pedal entirely. Great speaker! I've never seen anyone talk about upgrading this amp, but this has been a game-changer. Thanks for the recommendation!

03/21/2019 7:19pm

Awesome Loyd. Thanks so much for posting your results here where we can all learn from them!