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Recommend a pair for 2x12 Super Reverb

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05/08/2019 11:11am

Hi -

I'm working on a new amp build - it will be essentially a Fender Super Reverb, 6L6 40w amp, but with the tremolo and reverb stripped out of the circuit, and built into a 5E8 Low Powered Tweed Twin chassis/cabinet with two 12" speakers. Replacing a Tone King Imperial I just haven't been happy with.

I have been absolutely pulling my hair out trying to figure out what speakers to put in here. The amp I've been using the most lately is a 1x12 Princeton Reverb I built (also into a Tweed cab, Deluxe this time :)) with a Jensen P12Q. I love the amp, but wonder if I might be happier with a ceramic speaker pair in this new build (also, cheaper!)

I'd like to put two different speakers in here - the blended whiskey approach - and it seems like WGS has some good stuff that might work. I thought that maybe a combo of a G12C and G12C/S might be good... but am also reading that the G12C is a very bright speaker, which gives me pause. Seems the ET65 is also highly recommended for Fender amps.

Recommendations? I don't want to get too British/Marshally, definitely not Voxy...

Guitar is almost always a Jazzmaster with 500k pots and the tone rolled back a bit to tame the high end, sometimes a Gretsch... I tend to use a Centaur type OD for dirt, a Walrus Mayflower w/ the gain all the way down for clean.

Sounds are dirty clean to low gain dirt - examples here:

Thanks for any help!

05/14/2019 7:52am

I'd be afraid the ET65 high end won't have the crisp presence you'll want. The G12C/S will mellow the G12C when combined. I'd go with that.

05/20/2019 12:46pm

Welp... I ended up going w/ an ET65 and a G12C/S... and I think I made the right decision. I tend to prefer a little darker sound, and I just got the amp built up and this combo seems killer.

Couple clips of the amp (cell phone recording, so, adjust your expecations :))

05/29/2019 5:34pm

Hey, finally someone included some clips...hurrah! Cell phone recordings can be very good with the newer MEMS mics used in them. It's like actually hearing the amp in the room. AFAIK, the ET65 goes well with anything. Sounds great. Congrats!