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Recommend a pair for 2x12 Super Reverb

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05/08/2019 11:11am

Hi -

I'm working on a new amp build - it will be essentially a Fender Super Reverb, 6L6 40w amp, but with the tremolo and reverb stripped out of the circuit, and built into a 5E8 Low Powered Tweed Twin chassis/cabinet with two 12" speakers. Replacing a Tone King Imperial I just haven't been happy with.

I have been absolutely pulling my hair out trying to figure out what speakers to put in here. The amp I've been using the most lately is a 1x12 Princeton Reverb I built (also into a Tweed cab, Deluxe this time :)) with a Jensen P12Q. I love the amp, but wonder if I might be happier with a ceramic speaker pair in this new build (also, cheaper!)

I'd like to put two different speakers in here - the blended whiskey approach - and it seems like WGS has some good stuff that might work. I thought that maybe a combo of a G12C and G12C/S might be good... but am also reading that the G12C is a very bright speaker, which gives me pause. Seems the ET65 is also highly recommended for Fender amps.

Recommendations? I don't want to get too British/Marshally, definitely not Voxy...

Guitar is almost always a Jazzmaster with 500k pots and the tone rolled back a bit to tame the high end, sometimes a Gretsch... I tend to use a Centaur type OD for dirt, a Walrus Mayflower w/ the gain all the way down for clean.

Sounds are dirty clean to low gain dirt - examples here:

Thanks for any help!

05/14/2019 7:52am

I'd be afraid the ET65 high end won't have the crisp presence you'll want. The G12C/S will mellow the G12C when combined. I'd go with that.