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Reaper HP vs G12C

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11/29/2018 1:50pm

There's a shootout I've never seen! The tone chart has volume and headroom about the same, with EQ voicing being a bit different. 6/5/6 for the Reaper HP and 5/4/7 for the G12C. I am currently running a Reaper HP and fintech it great, but too bassy. I've had a G12C/S in the past, same thing but needed more bass in that amp so it worked.

Being just "one number different" on the tone chart, will the G12C have noticeably less bass than the Reaper HP? The little less mids and little more treble would work for this particular amp, but th8se lows are my main concern. What sounds like the Reaper HP with less bass?

11/30/2018 2:10pm

The chart lies! The G12C (ribbed cone) is WAY brighter than the Reaper HP ... especially in the 2-3K range that really can rip hard with single-coils!

12/05/2018 1:49pm

So, if I like the Reaper HP but want less lows, and maybe tighter lows, maybe a touch more highs and a touch less mids BUT no reduction in volume and headroom, what do you suggest?