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Reaper HP with Governor and 2 Celestion G12K 100s in a 4x12 cab.

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Kyle Newman
02/10/2021 2:52pm

Where would you place these speakers in a 4x12 cab? The Governor is louder than a Celestion G12K 100. Also louder than an Invader 50. Had an Invader 50 top left, Gov top right, and G12K 100s in bottom. Going to put the Invader in a 1x12 cab and replace it with a Reaper HP. Playing a 6505+ doing Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio tones.

Kyle Newman
03/19/2021 8:59am

Ok. Things have changed. I put a Reaper HP top left position. I must say this is my favorite speaker. It sounds fabulous with a microphone and fabulous out in the room. Very even and wide. Putting a mic on the Reaper HP and a Vintage 30 and panning hard right and hard left sounds great. Another great combination to mic I have found is a Invader and Peavey Sheffield 1290. They compliment each other well. The Invader is indispensable and now lives with 2 Sheffield 1290s and a Celestion G12 K 100. The Invader is very bright and the 1290 mud goes surprisingly well with it. On the other cab the Reaper HP is top left, Celestion G12K 100 is top right, Vintage 30 bottom left and Governor bottom right. Governor sounds good in the room but I don’t like it with a mic. Not crazy about the Vintage 30 in the room. It’s ok with a mic. Thinking about changing the Vintage 30 with a Retro 30. Any thoughts, opinions, advice as to how they compare? Looking for something to compliment this fabulous Reaper HP with a mic as well as in the room. Something fat sounding.

05/05/2021 6:05pm

Is this a closed-back cab?
If so ... then your Retro 30 is a good idea, but they can feel a little loose in open-back.
Also, the Retro has a bit more extended top end ... which you MIGHT like, or you might find a bit too much,
Personally, I ;love a Ret 30 with a Reaper ... pure perfection ... but I'm not sure how the OTHER speakers would play into the tone overall.