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Reaper HP follow up

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06/28/2018 10:40pm

Vaughan - a few years back you recommended the Reaper HP for my HK Tubemeister 36 combo and I absolutely loved the tone of that set up. Thank you!

I just bought a HK GM 40 Deluxe with a TM 112 cab and sold the 36 combo with the Reaper. I thought I would just get another Reaper HP to replace the V30, but my ongoing bout with G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) has tempted me to consider the ET 65 and/or Retro 30.

I may buy a second TM 112 and keep 1 at the practice space and 1 at home, then stack for gigging, thus creating a pseudo 2x12 mini stack.

Anyway-... assuming I can only have one speaker, what to do?

And would the mini stack with 2 separate & different speakers such as the ET 65 + Retro or Reaper + Retro sound “right” vs paired in proper 2x12 cab?

I play an edgy/ heavy-ish style and used all 3 channels on the Tubemeister regularly. FYI - I used the Reaper HP on my band’s latest original album Gaslit and you can hear a few teaser tracks on SoundCloud @ 59H2O. Thx !

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07/28/2018 5:04pm

Thanks for piping in after all these years! Man, definitely stick with the Reaper HP ... although the "mini stack" idea ... with a Retro 30 as the second speaker will certainly open up a whole new world of colors to your pallet, so if that's a possibility, then by all means go for it!!

Mark Turton
10/07/2019 11:51pm

Bumpin an old post, H&K Tubemiester 36 & 212 cab here. I already have Vet30's. Would a Reaper or HP be a good pairing and what would that combo bring to the table? Cheers in advance.

10/15/2019 9:50pm

Oh yeah! The Reaper HP would add a lot of fullness in the lower midrange and a slightly silkier top end than just the Vet 30 pair.

Mark Turton
10/16/2019 11:44pm

Great news, Thanks Vaughn. Any other pairings you would suggest I consider for the Vet30?

10/18/2019 10:20am

Of course the ET65 or ET 90 is NEVER a bad choice ... but with that amp/cab I think the Reaper HP would be great ... or the Reaper 55 to really bring on the lower end.

Mark Turton
10/19/2019 6:38am

I like the idea of "lower end" :) Can the reaper 55 be ordered in a 50w or do you think i'd be safe with the 30w version.?

10/22/2019 11:50am

Paired with the Vet 30, it'll handle the wattage easily!

Mark Turton
01/26/2020 1:28am

Hi Vaughn, thanks for all your responses and help thus far. I finally found some Reaper 55's.
My 212 cabs are vertical config, curious to know which speaker would you have on top, the Reaper 55 or the Vet30, if it even matters?

01/28/2020 2:24pm

You'll generally hear above ~2kHz of only the top speaker if it's on the floor, and there should be a tad more bass punch with the 55Hz on the bottom due to floor coupling. My impression is the 55Hz is like the original Greenback G12H30-55Hz, rather than the more crisp sounding late 70's Blackbacks. So, a tad more bass, and probably more 2~3kHz cut/clarity with the Vet 30 on top, but maybe less 4~4.5kHz chime.

Mark Turton
01/29/2020 2:14am

Cheers Narc. So just to reiterate, V30 on top & 55 on the bottom.

01/30/2020 8:41pm

I was just trying to predict how the sound would differ, but that's probably what I'd do. The 55Hz can sound a bit too scooped by itself, but the strong midrange of the Vet 30 would probably fill it in anyway if it's on on bottom. It might just have a tad less bass punch and a more silky high end with the 55Hz on top. Can't say which is better.