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Reaper HP follow up

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06/28/2018 10:40pm

Vaughan - a few years back you recommended the Reaper HP for my HK Tubemeister 36 combo and I absolutely loved the tone of that set up. Thank you!

I just bought a HK GM 40 Deluxe with a TM 112 cab and sold the 36 combo with the Reaper. I thought I would just get another Reaper HP to replace the V30, but my ongoing bout with G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) has tempted me to consider the ET 65 and/or Retro 30.

I may buy a second TM 112 and keep 1 at the practice space and 1 at home, then stack for gigging, thus creating a pseudo 2x12 mini stack.

Anyway-... assuming I can only have one speaker, what to do?

And would the mini stack with 2 separate & different speakers such as the ET 65 + Retro or Reaper + Retro sound “right” vs paired in proper 2x12 cab?

I play an edgy/ heavy-ish style and used all 3 channels on the Tubemeister regularly. FYI - I used the Reaper HP on my band’s latest original album Gaslit and you can hear a few teaser tracks on SoundCloud @ 59H2O. Thx !

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07/28/2018 5:04pm

Thanks for piping in after all these years! Man, definitely stick with the Reaper HP ... although the "mini stack" idea ... with a Retro 30 as the second speaker will certainly open up a whole new world of colors to your pallet, so if that's a possibility, then by all means go for it!!

Mark Turton
10/07/2019 11:51pm

Bumpin an old post, H&K Tubemiester 36 & 212 cab here. I already have Vet30's. Would a Reaper or HP be a good pairing and what would that combo bring to the table? Cheers in advance.

10/15/2019 9:50pm

Oh yeah! The Reaper HP would add a lot of fullness in the lower midrange and a slightly silkier top end than just the Vet 30 pair.

Mark Turton
10/16/2019 11:44pm

Great news, Thanks Vaughn. Any other pairings you would suggest I consider for the Vet30?

10/18/2019 10:20am

Of course the ET65 or ET 90 is NEVER a bad choice ... but with that amp/cab I think the Reaper HP would be great ... or the Reaper 55 to really bring on the lower end.

Mark Turton
10/19/2019 6:38am

I like the idea of "lower end" :) Can the reaper 55 be ordered in a 50w or do you think i'd be safe with the 30w version.?

10/22/2019 11:50am

Paired with the Vet 30, it'll handle the wattage easily!