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Reaper? ET65? Retro? For Deluxe Reverb

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01/03/2022 5:59pm

Trying to figure out the perfect speaker for my situation! I bought my Deluxe Reverb Reissue secondhand which was sporting an Eminence Red Fang, which, after years, I’ve finally figured out I hate. It’s a shame it took me so long to figure out that more traditional British flavored speakers are my thing. I currently have a Veteran 30 installed, which I like, but I don’t love, and was hoping for some advice here on this forum. I like the overall character of the speaker, but am seeking something with a little more “sparkle”. I’ve always loved G12h30 speakers when I’ve played them, so I’m thinking the Reaper might be my best bet. But I’m also interested in opinions on the Retro 30 as it’s apparently a V30 with more sparkle and the ET65 as a lot of folks say that’s a great speaker for a DR. My DR has no more bright cap, so ice pick isn’t an issue for me. Is the ET65 darker or brighter than Vet30? I don’t wanna lose “good midrange” if that makes sense. Open to suggestions!!! Thanks!

daniel smith
01/27/2022 6:58am

I have the Reaper HP (in a 1x12 open cab) and two ET65s (in a ported 2x12). I prefer the Reaper HP's mids, more full sounding to me. The ET65 has some interesting mojo going on. I suspect people like it in the DR because maybe of the attenuated lower-mids (to my ears), and silkier/smoother top-end. The ET65 can still be bright, but not quite as much as some of the standard dust-cap speakers. The Reaper HP isn't worlds apart from a Celestion Creamback G12H-75, maybe slightly brighter than the Celestion, but we're splitting hairs. If it were me, I'd go Reaper, but I haven't tried these out with a DR. I play mostly rock/heavy rock styles, through a variety of British and Fender Brownface type amps.

02/02/2022 7:58pm

Given what you've stated you are going for ... and what you dislike ... I'm going to cast my vote for the Reaper too ... but make sure it's a Reaper HP! They sound better, and ya ain't ever going to burn it out with the DRRI :)