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Quilter amp and 2x12

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03/06/2018 10:06pm

Hello, what sounds good in a 2x12 with a Quilter mini 101 ?, because it can get up to 100watts, I was thinking 2 ET90s anybody played any of these types amps with a 2x12 with WGS ?, not playing djent or speed metal, just rock, blues, country some heavy rock/metal from time to time

03/08/2018 3:34pm

Anybody tried the et90/retro30, or et90/bl80 in 2x12

Brian Williams
03/13/2018 8:59pm

I have an ET65 in a solid state Peavey combo and it is wonderful.
I would think the ET65 (plus another speaker) should work with the wattage you are dealing with, but you might want someone else to chime in on this subject. I also think the ET speakers should suit the style of music you mentioned.

03/14/2018 3:19pm

LOVE Quilter! Been gigging on a MP MKII for the last couple years.
I'd actually suggest a PAIR of ET65's ... to really bring out the tube-like organic goo in that super cool lil Class D gal!

04/06/2018 10:12am

I have a quilter mini 101 that I really enjoy. Would you recommend the 2x12 with a pair of the ET65's or use a ET65 and Veteran 30? It will be used with a convertible open/closed back pine cab.


04/27/2018 6:14pm

Hey Jack ... my experiences with the Quilter would suggest two ET65's ... I just bought a second Quilter by the way. Pat has seemed to break the laws of physics with those things!

William Golden
01/02/2020 11:00am

I have an old Randall 2x12 cab that I converted to 1/3 open back and replaced the original 70/80’s with an ET65 and a Veteran 30. Been driving this cab with an Egnater Tweaker 15 and more recently with a Quilter 101 Mini; favorite guitars are my Gretsch hollow body and solid body. It sounds phenomenal - I get nothing but compliments on my tone! My preference is for mostly clean tones with mild OD and this combination handles it in spades.

Clifford C. McLean
02/02/2020 4:30pm

I'm using a 2 x 12 with a Vet-30 and an ET65 for my Quilter 101. I love that combo with the little Quilter! I run my cab with a fully open back. (I only play at home so the volume stays down in the bottom half of the range for the most part.) When I put the back on the cab (fully closed), it wasn't as sweet. I suspect the Retro 30 and ET65 combination would be great, as well.