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PRS "modified" Vintage 30's

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11/10/2017 3:04pm

On the PRS Website, all of thier cabinets for the most part come with "modified" Vintage 30 speakers. I emailed them to see what they had done and it turns out all they do to mod them is to replace the stock gasket with a paper gasket. The rep continued to say that Paul thinks that this improves the tone of the speaker. Didnt really say anything else.

Anyone have any experience with a new gasket affecting tone? I looked online and looks like you can get all kinds of gaskets, Cork, Rubber, Paper, etc.


Daniel St Peters
11/11/2017 6:12pm

I tighten mine to where you pretty much have direct contact between metal speaker frame and wood baffle. And in this case, gasket material would not make any difference. If, however, you have real thick foam gaskets and don't achieve that frame-to-baffle contact, it could matter I suppose.
It would also not matter if you top-load your speakers where the gasket would be out of the equation anyway.
Gotta remember, the speakers move within the frame so 90+ percent of the tone is happening there. A thick foam gasket could conceivably alter how the cab resonates with the speakers but the resultant effect on overall tone would be far less significant.

So there's my two pence.