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Princeton 65 RI - G10C/S

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12/04/2018 7:14am

Hi all. I have recently fitted a G10C/S to my Princeton. I am very impressed with the improvement over the stock speaker. My issue with the stock speaker, was the ice pick highs, and performance when being driven a little.

The G10C/S has completely smoothed out the sound (as promised in the description), and I find myself now flipping the treble on the amp from 3 up to 6/7! It sounds fantastic with drive pedals as well. I do however feel that I have lost a little more in the high end than I wanted (perhaps it is just going to take time to adjust to the sound).

I do want to give it more time to break-in, and for me to adjust. In general it feels like such a huge upgrade. I am just wondering about those of you with the same amp, if you were happy to remain with this speaker, or if you preferred going down the route of the G10C?


12/16/2018 7:16pm

Yea ... I think the regular (ribbed) G10C would bring you everything you love about the G10C/S ... but without the loss of top-end fender sparkle.