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Pickup de magnetized?

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Keith Buchanan
07/03/2017 12:21am

Is it possible for guitar pickups to be demagnetized from sitting next to speakers in an amp?
I'm talking about big honking JBL E140's.

07/04/2017 5:02pm

Yes! Oh my goodness yes!

Wow ... why have I never done a blog on this topic?? Thanks for the reminder. Yes, the relatively tiny magnets in guitar pickups can most certainly have their magnetic charge totally messed up by placing them on or near the relatively huge magnets on the back of speakers. Now ... to be clear, you would need to have the pickup within about 6" (or closer) of the actual magnet on the speaker ... so generally speaking most (but not all) cabinets will inherently give you plenty of wiggle room ... but not raw speakers! Some metal detectors and airport scanners can also slightly demagnetize pickups, so be careful. The GOOD news is that pickup builders like me can actually re-charge the pickups to proper flux levels :-)

Keith Buchanan
07/04/2017 6:17pm

Thanks for the answer, and I ordered a set of your velvet tele pickups to replace some Bardens.

07/10/2017 6:38pm

Awesome ... you'll be in Heaven :-)

Keith Buchanan
07/19/2017 11:19pm

I love the velvet tele pickups. They have turned an older American standard into my favorite Telecaster!

07/24/2017 10:50am

Cool ... and welcome to the Vaughn Skow family of boutique tone! A warning: now that I've got ya hooked ... you'll never be able to go back to mass-produced pickups ;-)