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Peavey classic 50 stack

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Barry Galvin
06/08/2019 8:36am

Hello Vaughn
I play a Peavey Classic 50 head with a peavey 2/12 wiggy style cabinet and a peavey 410 e on top. I play classic rock , southern rock and punk. Based on your response to other folks it’s sounds as though the invader would be great in the bottom cabinet, provided the volume (size) of the Wiggy cabinet is compatible.What speaker or combination would you recommend in 410 to pair with the 12” invaders.

06/12/2019 8:21pm

Wow...crazy setup! I've never seen a Wiggy without the Zappa head. Do you run it open or closed-back?
How about the or closed?
And, what are you looking for each cab to bring to the tonal palate?

Barry Galvin
06/13/2019 11:24am

Hi Vaughn
The wiggy cabinet I have is actually labeled classic and is tweed not blue, it has the same size and shape as the wiggly.I run the wiggy cabinet closed
And the 410 open. As far as tone I like a focused sound with a lot of clarity but still warm enough to not sound like the eighties . I tend to run the mid control at about 5 ,same with the presence (maybe slightly less presence). The blue marvels in the the two twelve are not awful they just seam a little boxy. I have used Evm 12Ls
And they sound awesome but they are way to heavy to gig. The 410 cabinet has very generic unlabeled speakers in it, I’m sure some kind of peavey. It sounds anemic either by itself or when paired with the 2/12. I would really like to get that cabinet to come to life it seems like those 10” speakers should punch a lot more than they do.

06/25/2019 3:20pm

"warm enough to not sound like the eighties" Made me laugh :-)

Okay ... in the 4x10 go with either...
1: 4-G10C's for an AMAZING cab that does everything well ... but it will also be fairly heavy and quite LOUD.
2: 4-Vetern 10's for a VERY fat vintage, woody, and organic tone (think Super Reverb or tweed Bassman). It'll be light and not too loud, plus it'll get a little bit of speaker breakup when pushed hard.
3: 2 of each in X-pattern for some of both

And sure, Invaders would be good in the2x12 ... they would really add that vintage greenback in a sealed Marshall vibe!