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Peavey Classic 30 Replacement speaker.

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Patrick Ruff
05/22/2017 9:15am

Looking for a replacement speaker for my Peavey Classic 30. I have the factory Blue Marvel Looking for something to roll the notorious highs down but looking for a punchier bottom and mid range. I play mostly 80's pop (Rick Springfield, Tommy Tutone, The Outfield, etc), southern rock, classic rock, blues and country. My guitars are a Telecaster w/ Custom Shop Texas Specials; a Telecaster w/ a Strat neck, single coil on the neck and a humbucker on the bridge; and a Tradition S-20 (Les Paul copy) with a set of Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded pickups. Something that sounds great when played clean or with overdrive and that can take effect pedals. I am torn between a few of your speakers: the G12 C/S, the ET65, the Reaper, or the Veteran. I am new to your line up and looking for a professional opinion. Thanks!

05/31/2017 11:40am

Hi ... and welcome to the WGS family!

Do a search and you'll find a LOT of threads on the Classic 30!!
The two best bets are the ET65 and the Reaper HP (as it seams you are already thinking :-)

Patrick Ruff
06/05/2017 3:49pm

Thanks, ordering the ET65 today.

Ralph Hipps
11/29/2017 11:22am

I finally upgraded to the ET65 in my '80 Classic 30.

I have to say, it sounds fantastic!!! I had a Blue Marvel originally, and tried a Vet 30 but I found the sound too bottom heavy and with no mid 'bark' at all. To me is was more of a broadband or high fidelity type speaker, maybe better for jazz, etc.

I wanted to get more growl, more of a traditional rock guitar bark & bite, and OMFG the ET65 delivers!!! Love that combo now!!

It's defnly the way to go with the C30!