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Peavey Classic 20

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William Warren
10/10/2019 8:13pm

Scored a Classic 20 not working and all it needed was a set of new tubes and a fuse. Now I want to repace the speaker. It's ok but, a little to low end sounding. I want to open this amp up, I was thinking of a Green Beret 10 16ohm as the speaker in there is also rated @ 16ohm. Any thoughts? Cheers!

10/15/2019 10:00pm

My #1 choice in a 1x10 combo is ALWAYS a G10C ... and this is no exception!
Big, fat, articulate, loud, sweet :-)

10/16/2019 5:59pm

You surely can't go wrong with a G10C. The 2kHz peak gives it a warm clarity without harshness, and the high end extends to 6kHz+ for great detail.

The 2.5kHz peak of the Retro 10 would sound more classically British, but would the mid bass be tighter than the G10C or...?

William Warren
10/17/2019 9:26pm

Thanks for the suggestions lads! I did a complete teardown of that amp and decided to go with the Green Beret. I amp completely satisfied! I gave me exactly what I was looking for sound wise! It really opened that amp up and allowed it to breathe! Cheers!

10/18/2019 9:19pm

I'd probably prefer the 10" GB to the standard 12" GB as long as it has enough bass for my needs. SPL graphs it took show the 10" has a flattened down 3~3.5kHz "ice-pick" range without a loss in 4~6kHz chime & sparkle. Must be very nice.