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Orange Cr120c

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07/05/2017 6:41am

I just recently bought an Orange Cr120c, Its Solid state amp which youd be suprised how tubelike this amp is. I'm going to purchase an empty 2x12 so Ill have a full half stack in my home and then just use it as a combo out. Any suggestions as to what speakers to use? This is a 120watt amp, Id like to either install one Wgs speaker in the combo and one in the 2x12 cab so it will have a nice mix. I play mostly blues (Joe Bonamassa, Gov't Mule,) and also Gospel in church, I dont like overly mid-rangey sound. Prefer a good bottom end and well balanced tone. Any suggestions? The Voice of the world speakers arent bad but Im adding another cab as 700.00 plus for a Orange cab is to pricey for me.. Ty for any help :)

07/10/2017 6:42pm

Yea! Hum ... I'd say go with two ET65's to pair with the stock Orange V-30 style speakers ... should be a dream.