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Options for a Tweed Blues Jr

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06/19/2019 11:12pm

Hello! I have a Tweed Blues Jr that I really love that came with a Jensen C12N. Lately, the high end on that speaker has felt a little shrill. I’m curious about options to warm up the tone, specifically the ET65 or the G12C/s. Could you compare those speakers to the C12N? Thanks!

06/25/2019 3:56pm

Oh my gosh yes! Either will warm it up a bunch ... the smooth-cone will warm it up a LOT, actually bring it into vintage tweed-tone land ... where the ET65 will be about mid-way between there and where it is now. They will both fit well also, since they are medium magnet speakers ... Heavy magnet models are really too tight up against the output tubes.

Oh, and do the search ... much will be revealed:

07/06/2019 8:28pm

Thanks so much for the response, and the search suggestion! As a church musician who also plays some blues and classic rock, I found a few things here that make me think the ET65 will be a great choice. When I make the swap I’ll leave a review. Thanks again!