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New To changing out speakers, need advice.

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01/08/2019 12:31pm

As the title states I’m new to changing out speakers to change my tone. I’ve read a lot here and on a few other forums and think I have an idea of what I want, but I want to get some advice and see if if matches up with my thinking. I’ll start with my gear....

JCM 900 4100 with 5881’s
JCM 900 2100 with El-34’s
(I have serious plans on a Bogner 101b soonish)
JCM 900 1960a 4x12 cabinet with stock g12t-75’s in it

American made PRS Tremonti signature
Gibson LP custom (stock pup’s)
1987 Fender Strat contemporary

Right now my priority is to get these 900’s sounding closer to what I want, and if it goes well with the bogner too then cool but I’ll probably get another cab for it.

The sound I’m trying to achieve would be 80’s Metal I guess. Vivian Campbell on the Last in Line album is the best reference I can think of to what I want. Right now I’m getting a lot of shrill and nasally tones out of my sound that I can not stand. Totally puts me out of the mood to play when I hear it. I’ve come to understand those 12t-75’s are notorious for sounding like that. My setup actually records well but in a band setting or in the same room as it, it drives me nuts. I want to replace all four. I am open to doing a mix of two different speaker but at not opposed to having all 4 the same either. Thanks in advance.

01/08/2019 7:57pm

Last in Line was recorder in late 1983 at Caribou Ranch then mixed and released in 1984. Caribou had TONS of gear ... so who knows what he played through!
But to me it sounds very much like the classic greenback tone ... so that would be a quad of Green Berets.
Since you say "Right now I’m getting a lot of shrill and nasally tones out of my sound that I can not stand" ... The other good option would be a quad of ET65's ... which would sound even more organic and less shrill than the GB's!