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New amp need help with speaker choice

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05/24/2022 5:10pm

Currently having a ceriatone dz30 built and am trying to pair it with something to get as close to the matchless dc30 as possible. I think from what I have heard the 65 is a must because it has a little bit of that blues twang. Best warmer speaker I have heard so far is the invader but I didn't know if there was a better choice as my knowledge of this company is limited at the moment. Anyone able to throw in there 2 cents would be appreciated.

12/08/2022 7:07pm

Pretty sure the DC30 shipped with Celest G12H30-75. The Reaper or Reaper HP would be the closest. Brian May uses Celest AlNiCo Blue & G12H30-75 in his main AC30. Something like that is a good option. Those amps get fairly dark when cranked, so you should consider how loud you will run it, and what tube brands come stock. The JJ EL844 break-up early if you want more tube overdrive at lower volumes. JJ EL84 sound nice (if they don't rattle). You might ask Ceriatone if it's safe to run it with just two power tubes and the impedance set to half the speaker load (if you aren't playing with a band). Might also be worth trying some EHx 7025EH in the 12ax7 slots instead of the stock offerings. They sound pretty close to the old Mullards.