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Need Help Identifying Speakers

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08/06/2017 4:38pm

I just got an older cab from a friend with 4x8 inch speakers inside but I can't seem to find out any info about them. I have an 8ohm head I want to use but won't plug it in until I know the speaker load. The stamp on the speakers days CS8-3 0118 D3. Any ideas? Thanks.

08/08/2017 8:58pm

This stamp doesn't give any hint to a known manufacturer of guitar speakers, I'm afraid. Pictures would help. Eliptical guitar drivers are quite rare and not many made them.

The speaker load you'd likely have to measure using an ohm meter or a multi meter - just keep in mind that resistive loads read a bit lower than impedance, so likely 6 something, 7 something ohms for an 8 ohm driver.

08/26/2017 11:22am

I think he means there are four 8" speakers! (generally expressed as 4x8) ... but yes ... no tone tweaker should be without a decent multi-meter; and they are available all over for only a few bucks ... Harbor Freight routinely gives them away as freebies! Just read the impedance on the cab. And again Jona is correct that plain old DC resistance readings are alwayas a little lower than the stated impedance of a speaker.
A 4 ohm speaker generally reads about 3.6-ohms, 8-ohm will read apx 7.4, and 16 will read 15.
Than, you can re-wire the cab to whatever final impedance you want ... see: