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Need advise for Bluesbreaker and Metal Cabinet

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Steve Haws
08/28/2018 9:10pm

This is my first post on any forum so help me out you all if I missed something or not following some protocol....

I own an analog studio and built a wall of sound for our guitar amps. 10 heads run through a load balanced switcher in to 10 various speaker cabinets ranging from 8", 10", 12" "Fender-like tones, and a variety of 1X12 and 2X12 Marshall-like and Vox-like tones. The artist can switch between amps and speakers and dial in their tone for a particular cut relatively fast. Mics are on a sliding rail to quickly re-position.

I have gone through an plethora of speakers (new and vintage) to get where I am at. About half of the speakers currently loaded in cabinets are WGS that won out in the end. 2 cabinets I am not happy with and looking for some advise......

Avatar G212 2X12 Vintage Partially Open Cabinet - shooting for Clapton tone on the Bluesbreaker Beano sessions (Think Hideaway and Steppin' Out lead guitar)

Bogner 212C large size CB 2X12 - shooting for a more scooped tone with lots of low end thump (Think Metallica "Sad but True" or ZZ Top "My Head's in Mississippi rhythm guitars)

What WGS speakers would you advise? I am fine with ordering a couple different pairs to load in each cabinet to test.

Oh, amps typically routed through these cabinets are Bogner Mephisto, Bogner Atma, Orange Dark Terror, Carr Mercury V.

Thanks, Mudjaw