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Mixing speakers in a Hot Rod deville

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Richard Mielke
05/29/2017 10:42pm

First of all, Im sure this has been asked a million times. so, sorry in advance.
Im upgrading my HR Deville 2x12 and was curious about mixing a G12C/S and an ET-65. My thinking is this would good fat, lows and singing but rounded off highs and a bit of a mid punch and articulation... like running a stereo rig with a Fender amp and a AC-30... sort of.
I want a full sounding, flexible amp that will take pedals really well.
Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Richard Mielke
06/27/2017 10:38am


06/30/2017 1:13pm

Well ... those are both very warm speakers ... in the case of the smooth-cone pretty darn dark! So ... what you would really get is a pretty darn dark tone!
Of the two, the ET65 is actually more blackface fender sounding ... the C/S is more early 50's TV panel tweed Fender tone!

I actually think our highly recommended ET65/Vet 30 combi sounds like what you are looking for.

Richard Mielke
06/30/2017 5:22pm

Excellent! Thanks, I will be ordering soon!