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Mesa Boogie Mark IIb combo w/1x12 ext cab

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04/05/2019 12:51pm

I have a Mark IIB combo with the 1x12 ext cab that matches the combo. Playing some jazz, fusion, and distorted blues with it. Also have a few time based effects in the loop and a couple of dirt boxes and Fuzz thru the fromt end.
Combo has the orginal EV12 and the ext cab the original Black Shadow. It sounds good but the EV can sound sterile to me- even though it's a great speaker.
I have a G12c/s that I'd like to use, and also a Celestion V30 that I could include, as well as the two original speakers.
Looking for some ideas. In the past I have used the G12c/s in the ext cab and I like the smokey sound I got.
I am thinking that maybe the C12c/s would sound good in the combo, but what might y'all suggest for the ext cab. My first guess would be the EV. I also have thought about the G12c/s in the combo and maybe either the V30 or EV in the cab.
Thanks for any suggestions !

04/23/2019 12:18am

Yea, I like the idea of the smooth cone in the combo ... it's a VERY warm speaker, but if it's in an open back combo it breaths a lot easier and opens up much better ... but it will still be "dark n smokey".

The EV in the ext cab will still be a bit sterile ... but will certainly bring on the solid bottom end thump factor.