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Matchless Spitfire Reverb - new speaker??

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Robert M DeMar
11/03/2017 11:43am

It's a great amp, especially with a Strat and everything dimed! However, I've been trying to run it pretty clean (pre at noonish/one o'clock and the tone at about 11 o'clock) and use OD/distortion pedals with it and I can't seem to find any that agree with it. Everything seems to get either fizzy or ice-picky on the top end. I am wondering if a different speaker would be the cure (it has the stock G12H30). Maybe an ET65?

11/03/2017 10:47pm

A definite Vox-voiced amp ... which means lots of glassiness and jangle! Of course some may term that harsh and piercing...
A HUGE part of the Vox tone we all love is the Alnico speakers ... and for you the #1 choice hands-down would be the WGS Blackhawk Alnico. Not the BnB and not the Blackhawk HP ... the regular 50-watt Blackhawk is the sweet spot of no cone-cry (or cone fry), and enough articulation. There will still be PLENTY of Vox Jangle there ... but it'll be kinder and more forgiving.

If you find yourself with the treble always WAY down, or you can't afford Alnico, you might want to consider the smooth-cone G12C/S ... which will really tame the top.

Robert M DeMar
11/04/2017 9:25am

Thanks, Vaughn! I all ready have a G12C/S hanging around, so I'll play that for a bit - but the Blackhawk is now on my list. (Probably sooner than later)