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Marshall Valvestate 8080 1x12

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06/26/2019 12:12pm

I have a Marshall Valvestate 8080 which I play at bedroom volumes. It’s an 80watt amp but I’ve seen posts where it’s ok to use a lower watt WGS speaker because there rated at tube watts. Would it be ok for me to use a Reaper 50 watt speaker?

I’m looking for a speaker with tamed treble and warm mids.

Thank you!

06/26/2019 12:55pm

So ... yes, the Reaper HP would easily take that amp! And ... it also sounds like a very good fit for what you are looking for ... so I'd say go for it!

06/26/2019 12:57pm

Thank you for the fast response!!

06/26/2019 1:01pm

I saw your blog on the Marshall Vs100, I may look for one of those.
Thanks for the quick response!!!