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Marshall Superbass - Best WGS speaker combination?

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Leif Johan Flornes
08/08/2019 2:31am

Greetings from Norway!

I play a 69' Marshall Superbass 100 watt, which i use together with a stock 1960AX cab with the G12M 25 watt speakers. I use an Ultimate Attenuator to keep the volume down to survivable levels.

I want to change the speakers because I feel that they are underpowered and that they get to bassy and muddy when I kick in my vintage fuzz pedals.

Been reading up on WGS speakers here on the forum and elsewhere and I hear alot of good stuff about your products.
What speakers would you recommend for my amp?
I play rock, blues and pop styles and use overdrive, fuzz and octave pedals.


08/20/2019 1:59am

First, you'll need higher Wattage speakers with a 100W amp and a 4x12” cab. The Marshall SB tone stack has less midrange than the Lead model, so speakers with more midrange might be useful. Offhand, the Retro 30 might be a good bet -- full midrange and tight bass. Pretty bright and chimey, but not harsh. Maybe mix those with the old school Reaper HP or more modern (cloth dust cap damped) ET90.

P.S. Maybe you could save some weight using 30W rated speakers, but choices are limited. Also, the Reaper 30 is a tad less deep and bass strong than the HP, but is a tad more "aggressive". Either model should work fine, but my guess is speakers with stronger magnets might damp the response of weaker magnet speakers in a closed-cab. Maybe not.

I am also of the belief that speakers with wide cloth dust covers and/or less-resonant cones are less likely to create mutual cancellations with more resonant cone speakers. Others have mixed Reapers and ET65's with excellent results. That might be the safest bet if you think the ET90 might be t0o bright. It depends partially how you like the Presence knob set. I'd surely go for the ET65 if you like it up ~1/2 way or more. Setting the Middle up very high and Treble down low is actually closer to a flat response on a Marshall tone stack. I encourage players to download the TSC app to better understand how different tone stacks actually work: