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Marshall Origin 50 Combo Speaker Recommendation

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Kevin Cull
01/31/2019 11:25am

Hey y'all,

Picked up a Marshall Origin 50 Combo and am looking for suggestions on speaker replacement. We play classic/southern rock, blues and some country.

The stock speaker doesn't sound too bad, but I think this amp would benefit from a speaker change.


02/01/2019 3:45pm

Generally folks find these amps to be lacking a bit on the low end, some even say a bit fizzy on the top end ... so ... I'm going to say choice number one is a G12C/S ... yes an "American" voice ... but a VERY warm, thick voice!
Choice number two would be the ET65 ... which would keep it more in the Brit voicing.

Kevin Cull
02/01/2019 9:18pm

Thanks Vaughn! I'll check these out!