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Laney Cub 12R speaker upgrade or cabinet

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02/24/2018 11:01am

Hi there,

I have a Laney Cub 12R amp: a single channel, 15 watt British style EL84 1x12 openback combo. The stock speaker is decent, but a bit undefined and too "boxy" in the mids. Tried a Eminence Legend 1258 which is better but still not what I'm looking for in this application.

I also have a Fender amp so I'd like to go full on Brit on this one.

Since the amp is loosely based on a Marshall Jcm800 and that those amps usually sounds best with closed cabs I'm wondering if I upgrade the speaker in that open back combo or if I directly go for a 2x12 cabinet build, any suggestions ?

I pondered closing the back of the amp but I do believe that those tube will not get enough cooling that way.

I'm mostly using this amp for practice and small gigs and at low volume when i'm home.

In short, I'm looking for either a British style speaker with good balance for Blues and Classic rock to nail the British tones or a pair to put in a 2x12 cabinet that I would build.


02/25/2018 5:59pm

Start here ... and post back if you don't find your answer:

03/02/2018 3:07pm

Hi Vaughn,

Read those and actually didn't find a complete answer, in the meantime got myself a 2x12 Marsahll cab with two G12t75 and I will probably be going to start with the 2x12 speaker upgrade in that cab.

I'm looking to replace the G12t75 in my 2x12 Cab for something more in phase with my needs since I'm mostly using it for lower volume practicing, playing Blues and Rock and those speakers only come alive at higher watts/volume.

Main guitars are a Les Paul Trad with Classic '57's and a SRV Strat w/Texas specials.

I'm driving the cab with a Laney Cub 12R 15watts British voiced amp (based on a Jcm800). Often using the 1w input of the Laney for in house practice/playing. I also have a '59 Tweed Champ with AlNiCo for the Fender cleans and blues, might plug it in once in a while too but mostly looking for a speaker option to cover the Brit sound.

I read all the post here and the ET65 and Retro 30 seems to be a very good option but since I'm using low Watts/low volume most of the time would I be better served with lesser watts speakers options ?

My thinking being that lesser watts speakers are probably more responsive at lower volume since they don't have to be as stiff to handle the higher requirements of more capable speakers. I am right in that assumption ?

Any suggestions are welcome, it's hard for me to actually hear the speakers before buying so I'll take it from you people that actually had that chance and/or knowledge. ;)


03/04/2018 2:31pm

"My thinking being that lesser watts speakers are probably more responsive at lower volume since they don't have to be as stiff to handle the higher requirements of more capable speakers. I am right in that assumption ?"

Sooo ... you are correct in SOME ... but not all instances! A sturdy/stiff cone is only one of several different pieces to the "high power" puzzle; possibly the single most important factor is the material the voice coil is wound around ... and that material only effects the tone and response of a speaker ever so slightly!

Other pieces of the high-power puzzle would include the edge material and/or doping, the spider material and attachment method, voice-coil gap size, and of course ribs.

Now ... when we are talking about VERY high power speakers (say over 100-watts RMS) then you will probably see ALL of the various methods used ... but in the 50-65 watt range, there are some speakers that still mate very well with low-power amps.

Given all of this ... and what you want ... I'd suggest a pair of ET65's for you. They are moderately high power speakers, but they still sound fantastic and responsive even when driven with VERY low-power amps.

07/04/2019 2:25pm

I have a Laney Cub12r too and I want to know which speaker is better to get some nice and smooth cleans without lose headroom. 12" G12C - 75 watts is good? Could you help me?

P.S: I'm from Brazil and my English is a work in progress. Hope you understand.

07/15/2019 3:21pm

I don't know exactly what sound you are looking for, but if it were me, I would put a Retro 30 in that amp. It will bring in some serious low end thump as well as a good bit of top end sparkle, while keeping the boxy midrange controlled.