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Kendrick Lion VI currently in a mojotone tweed pro cab

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Thomas Madden
07/07/2020 11:09am

Been using this amp with a 15-inch speaker for awhile...but for a different tone, I talked to the folks at mojotone about getting a 4x8 baffle made (they say they can do it).. Since the amp is about 35 watts, wiring up 4 G8C as 8-ohm should be able to handle the power, I hope!

07/19/2020 3:34pm

Yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!
Not only can they handle it ... those are AMAZING in groups of 2 or 4 ... you will be INSPIRED!

Thomas Madden
07/31/2020 10:59am

Thanks, Vaughn; I was thinking maybe old Gibson tweed GA-45-like, but of course not as dark.
Baffle is on it's way...we'll see!

What impedance for the speakers each would your recommend...the amp expects 8-ohms...each 8-ohms in series/parallel? thanks in advance!

08/01/2020 12:54pm

3 tightly spaced speakers actually disperse high end much better than a 4x cab because the speakers are not in line with each other on 3 different perpendicular axes. You might be able to have a 3x10" baffle in that case, or 2x8"+1x(10"or 12"). The 4x cab idea was a mistake to begin with. 4x cabs create strong high end in a narrow "beam". Everyone on stage will hear the same high end with a 3x cab.

Thomas Madden
07/31/2020 9:33am

Interesting; I've never heard of this. That said, the new baffle is on it's way and it's a "basement amp" anyway.

Thanks for the insights, though.

08/30/2020 7:24pm

Personally ... my desert island amp is a Blackface Super Reverb ... with a GOOD tweed Bassman as a close second ... so I'd take the snub to a 4x cab with a grain of salt ... oh, and the millions of fans of the 4x12 cabs might have something to say here too :-)

09/02/2020 3:41pm

Kim Kardashian has millions of fans ;-). Obviously 4x cabs are popular workhorses. I love those Fender amps too. Fender made a few amps with 3x10's, but they weren't spaced for optimal dispersion. The Dr. Z "Z Master" amp looks like the 3x10's are spaced right.