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JSX Combo Suggestions

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11/04/2019 2:14pm

Greetings all,

I have a JSX combo that sounds great, but the stock speakers are kind of floppy. I tried it with an extension 2X12 cab with two Veteran 30s. That sounded better, but I'd love a recommendation from the group to try a different set of speakers for the amp itself -- I don't always want to run an extension cab and the Veteran 30s may not be the best combo.

Versatility is important. I play rock covers, but also play originals that are more jazz/fusion. The clean channel is not used very often. If anything, a dialed back volume knob is more desirable than a truly clean tone. I'm going for a more open sound, more definition in the gain, and more smoothness. "Thump" is not something that matters to me.

Nothing fancy on the guitars -- all humbuckers are JBs, and my strat has a stacked screamin demon (for a more open sound).

Any suggestions from you gurus would be awesome.



11/05/2019 8:06pm

Hey Julian ... thanks for doing an EXCELLENT job of describing what you are looking for tone-wise.
For you, the ET65/Retro 30 combo is definitely a bulls-eye!

11/08/2019 2:22pm

Thank you! Greatly appreciated.