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Green Berets or Invaders for 2x12

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Joe Margiotta
01/10/2018 2:37pm

I'm looking at picking up two WGS speakers for a 2x12 open back cab that I have. I'm trying to choose between the Green Berets and the Invaders. I have a small 15 watt Blackheart head and I'm looking for thick creamy overdrive and lots of breakup. No clean tones necessary. ;)
Do you guys think the lower wattage Green Berets would be better suited for the 15 watt head or should I go with the Invaders? Thanks in advance!

01/10/2018 8:27pm

I think the Invader is the same cone with a higher power coil. I don't think the cone will break up later, but it is tighter ( better damped)and sweeter sounding. I prefer the high end of the Invader better, or get one of each if you can't decide.

Joe Margiotta
01/11/2018 7:00am

Awesome, thanks for the advicea! Do you think the 15 watt head will be able to break up the higher wattage speaker?
Or would it work better with the Green Beret

Joe Margiotta
01/11/2018 8:13am

Ordered a pair of the Invaders!!

01/11/2018 11:39am

Guess you made a choice. BTW, I forgot the GB isn't technically as loud as the Invader. I doubt you'd get any breakup from either speaker using two of them with only 15W. SPL graphs I've taken show the Invader has a slightly different midrange and high end peaks that. The fuller ~1kHz should make it sound less hollow. The broader ~3kHz dip and more moderate ~3.5kHz peak gives it the sweeter high end. It also has a bit stronger 4~4.5kHz for a more chime with less ~5kHz brittleness with a slight ~5.5kHz peak similar to the ET65 for better detail. To me, those qualities make for a more "musical" and versatile speaker. The cone type is still not great for Jazz, but I don't think that's an issue for you.

01/19/2018 6:37pm

"I'm looking for thick creamy overdrive and lots of breakup. No clean tones necessary. ;)"

As already stated ... there won't be any real speaker breakup with either pair and that amp ... but I probably would have went with the Invaders also. I've done A/B comparisons and I always end up preferring the Invaders ... plus they are more flexible if you ever decide to put them in a higher-power amp ... oh, and I just flat find speaker breakup pretty darn ugly anyway. You made a good choice. Come back here to report your results, please.