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Gibson GA-8T + WGS G10C/S

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11/09/2018 6:59pm

Writing to confirm that a G10C/S both fits and also sounds fantastic right out of the box in an all original 1960 Gibson GA-8T “Gibsonette”. I bought the G10C/S to replace the original 10” speaker - a small magnet Jensen 10J11.

I love the original 10J11 speaker. It is very touch sensitive, and the well broken-in smooth cone broke up perfectly and is a perfect match for the small magnet’s efficiency. Unfortunately I started hearing a rattle in the 10J11 and knew that it’s time was coming to an end....

Bought a vintage organ-pull 10J11 replacement from 1956. Didn’t quite have that same magic, and lacked too end sparkle/detail. Could be that the organ pull had a different cone, which felt more rigid. Then tried Eminence 1028K. Hated it. No soul, dry, too quiet and boring. Though about Veteran 30, and emailed WGS to ask for recommendation. They suggested G10C/S, and here I am.

I have to say the smooth cone is what hooked me. I loved the 10J11 with smooth cone and hoped to replicate. Very happy and relieved with only a few hours playing so far. Great job and thanks!

11/24/2018 7:44pm

Awesome ... and thanks so much for coming here to report your findings for others to benefit from :-)