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G8A is great. Now how about a G12Q-A

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Clifford C. McLean
04/23/2019 12:53am

My G8A arrived and I loaded it into my Tweed Champ. It sounds fantastic. I need to build a new cabinet for the whole thing that is just a bit deeper. Not a big deal. The magnet on the G8A just touches the tube clip when I have the chassis slid forward enough to allow installation of the back panel.

In my youth, those of us with beater cars were prone to swapping engines. Someone at WGS should swap the engine out of the G12Q and replace it with the G8A engine. I think it would be a winning combination and provide us the choice of a modestly priced American voiced 12" alnico speaker.

How about it Vaughn?

Thomas Madden
04/23/2019 6:44am

Been considering one of these for my Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop one-off tweed Champ....right now there's a Jupiter in there; I'm a bit concerned regarding clearance of that big magnet, though.

Clifford C. McLean
04/23/2019 8:08pm

My Champ cab is not very roomy. The interior depth (exterior depth less the front and rear panels and the baffle board) is only 5 3/4" at the top and 6 3/4" at the bottom x 11 1/2" high. So, that doesn't leave a lot of room. If it was 1/4" to 1/2" deeper, no problem with the Champ chassis.

I had a G8C in it before that fit fine.

04/23/2019 11:24am

Yea, Dean & I have been ready to do that for a while now ... hopefully you WILL see it within the year :-)

Clifford C. McLean
04/26/2019 6:54pm

I would volunteer to test drive a prototype!

Thomas Madden
07/09/2020 11:47am

Any update on that project? My "tweed" Gibson Falcons might welcome it!