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G15C for Speaker Cab for Use with Amplitube

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Stephen DeMont
10/02/2020 7:52pm

Hi Vaughn,
I’m building a speaker cab to use with Amplitube, and have been considering the Reaper HP. But I’m wondering about using the G15C for this application. I play mostly jazz and blues on a Eastman thin line and an S-type Warmoth build with S. Duncan Classic single coil/humuckers and S-500 circuitry.

I recently built a 5e3 head that I have connected to a Blackhawk in a home-built cabinet. The Blackhawk is amazing.

I’ve connected Amplitube to the Blackhawk cab and it sounds great as well. But I’d rather dedicate a new speaker cab to Amplitube. That way I don’t accidentally power-up the 5e3 while it’s disconnected from the speaker, if you know what I mean.

So, even though the Reaper HP will satisfy my need, I’m curious about what you think about using the G15C for jazz and blues.

Albino, at this point, is out of my price range.

Steve DeMont

10/29/2020 1:07pm

15's, overall, have a pretty different tone than 12's. More of an extended low-end, but not as much lower-midrange. The G15C, in particular, has a really nice American-voiced sparkley top end ... it's a very clean and "bell-like" speaker tone ... don't know if you'd like that with the Jazz thing or not. By comparison, the Reaper HP is just overall a little thicker sounding, and more smoothed on both the top and bottom.

Hope this helps.

10/30/2020 5:34am

The G12C/S is flatter than either of those, which better represents the speaker models in an amp sim. The SPL graph I took of a clip shows it's nearly flat up to 5kHz, where it rolls off sharply. The G1oC/S and G8C both go up to ~7kHz. The G8C SPL shows that it drops ~6dB at 3kHz, which you might prefer at high volumes, and the low bass rolls off more than the others. Three G8C in a tight triangle would have essentially the same high end dispersion as one, but with stronger bass. Maybe not enough low bass for you though.