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G15C + 12? Custom cab build

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09/22/2019 1:18pm

Looking for a bit of advice on a cab build I’m planning. I want to build a vertical cab with a bottom 15” (G15C) and a top 12”
I am interested in advice on 12s that may pair well with a G15C. As far as preferences go I like to play rock, hard rock, progressive, and metal. I have always been drawn to tone with a fat low end. I have enjoyed playing through an old 15” solid state combo I have now.
The combo will be run by a Bassbreaker 15.
The cabinet will be slanted sealed back. I may add a small removable panel to make it semi open. I’m open to any advice on slanted vs straight cab configuration as well.
I listened to the samples and liked the sound of the Reaper speakers.

09/28/2019 7:53pm

Yes, I think you are on the right track with a Reaper HP! I also think you will like 1/3-open back :-)