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G10C/S Pairing

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Ben Huddle
09/22/2019 3:16pm

I recently acquired a Marshall Micro Stack. I have pulled the cheap speakers and have put a G10C/S in the bottom cab. I would like to create a nice pairing with the top cabinet. I will run a Mesa TA-15 through them, so I need a versatile combination, but tend to stay on the Fender and Vox tones (very little appetite for harsh distortion). My thought is a G10C, or an ET10. I may also drill a few large holes in the back of the cabinets to give the upgraded speakers some breathing room. Any thoughts? Thanks!

09/28/2019 7:57pm

G10C for sure ... and I'd actually make those cabs 1/3-open back ... that's what I did, and it really opened them up. Those cabs are certainly too tiny to be sealed!