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ET65 or G12c/s for JBL D120F tone getting conflicting information

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12/11/2018 3:31pm

Hi all,

I play a lot of southern rock specifically Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Brothers and Marshall Tucker. They all used JBL D120fs in their Marshall Cabs and either ported the cabs or took the backs off. I play straight into my '73 super lead with either an LP or Firebird. I'm getting conflicting info on ET65 or G12c/s which is the one to go with?

12/15/2018 3:55am

G12C/S is much closer, but darker than a D120f. I think the closest thing you can buy new is a Weber California. I've read that the late Duane Allman used the Cerwin Vega EV123. Heard here:

Weber makes a clone of that as well called the CV123. The description states the "Slightly damped polychrome dome provides an articulate high end without getting hard or harsh at higher volumes." Sounds like a good idea if you ever plan on cranking your amp. The D120F was really designed for a clean amp sound. The engineer that designed it actually said he thought it was a bit too bright for a guitar speaker. He preferred the sweeter sounding JBL D123. I imagine the CV123 is closer to that.

Daniel St Peters
01/14/2019 11:04am


I am running a G12C/S in my '84 Peavey Encore and every time I plug into it, I feel like breaking out the Skynard. THAT tone is right there! I have had about half a dozen different speakers in that
combo and it is definitely the speaker that is doing it. So the base tone is in the box, so to speak. Should you find you want or need a tad more highs, put an EQ pedal in the effects loop and adjust to taste. The C/S will render the extra highs, no problem and they'll come out sounding nice and sweet, not shrill.

01/18/2019 2:42pm

If you are trying to make a 1973 Super Lead sound like Skynyrd and the others listed ... then yes, the G12C/S will be a good choice in bringing a good helping of full-bodied American flavor to that Brit amp that is notoriously lacking on the bottom end.