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ET-65, ET-90 or something else to compliment my G12c/s

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Justin Sant
11/25/2019 8:47pm

Which would y'all recommend in an Orange closed back 1x12 extention cab, the ET-65 or ET-90? (Or even something else?) Pairing it up with and Orange Tremlord that I put an G12C/S in, which I ADORE. I currently have a Reaper 55 in the extension cab which I dislike, too boomy, boxy and congested sounding. Looking for tight bass, a mid bump but not ice pick highs.
I run the Tremlord clean with an NOS 5751 in the V1 pre-amp section and get all my gain with pedals.
Thanks in advance,

12/16/2019 10:15pm

Was gonna say the Retro 30. It's considerably brighter than the G12C/S, but it does have the typical ~6dB ~3kHz ice pick range dip, so it reduces ear fatigue even though it is pretty bright. I'd guess it has the least pronounced bass of the three, but Vaughn may know for sure. The ET65 may be closer to the G12C/S brightness level, but it might be nice to have more glassiness and tighter bass with the ET90. I imagine the Tremlord isn't a very bright amp, so it shouldn't be too edgy with an ET90.

Update 12/08/19: Another option you might consider is using 7189 power tubes. They are a direct EL84 replacement with a warmer sound that might give you the mid bump you seek. The Tube Store sells their select PS 7189 for $35 ea, but you can find 7189's cheaper elsewhere. 7189 are basically a Mil Spec EL84 that can take more voltage and current. They should last much longer than an EL84 in an AC type circuit, so worth the cost if you prefer the sound. Here's a video with some 1965 AC10 SVT amps running EL84 and 7189. The sound is dramatically different to me. Doug's amp is the one with the 7189 tubes:

Doug's amp also has a 12AT7 in place of one of the 12au7 slots, so that gives it just a bit more gain.

I'd say the difference between an EL84 and a 7189 is kinda like the difference between a 6L6GC and KT66: less compression, warmer with more mid-emphasis, and more headroom with maybe a smoother clipping knee.

Here's a tube vendor in my home state selling matched & tested NOS Reflektor made 7189 quads cheap. Maybe better than current made 7189 tubes. I'd give them a try first:

Here's a much cheaper deal on the very same tubes direct from the Czech Republic:

Update 12/16/19: Dr.Z amplification actually recommends not to get the -EB or -EV variety because they sound harsh. Just get the one's without that designation if you can.

12/10/2019 4:32pm

Yeah, the smooth one paired with a Reaper 55Hz would be a TON of bottom and very little top!!
I’d say the #1 choice as a partner to the smoothie with that amp/cab would be a Vet 30!