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DRRI Upgrade

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03/18/2019 10:35am

I put a G12C/S in my DRRI this weekened and it sounds really great but it's missing too much treble or sparkle for me. The stock Jenson had it's flaws but I feel that the G12C/S is not trebly enough for this amp in order to achieve that Fender sparkle. I realize people find that some Fenders have too much treble, but I think that they are supposed to sound that way even with the flaws that come with that. There is always a trade-off. So with that in mind, what's a good speaker for a DRRI that will be bright but not as bad as the stock Jenson? I have a Reaper in a (though not a Fender) Classic 30 that sounds AMAZING(!!!) on the clean setting.

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03/21/2019 7:15pm

Yep ... I never recommend a smooth cone in a 1x12 unless someone REALLY wants to tame the top end!!!
Search: https://wgsusa.com/search/node/deluxe%20reverb
Et 65 is almost always a winner in a SR!