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Dropping to 10's

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Daniel St Peters
10/19/2017 1:48pm

So I have an Avatar 2-12, standard not bluesbreaker style, and it has always sounded boxy or too choked to me. Like the speakers don't have enough breathing space no matter what speakers I put in there, and I've tried several combinations.

I was thinking about rebuilding the baffle and cutting it for 10s. Theory being that 10s would require less space than 12s and might find the 2-12 cab plenty roomy. But then I read that the G10C likes a larger box, and this is the speaker I wanted to go with.

Interior space is like 19x27x10 inches or just a hair under 3 cu ft.

How would a pair of G10C's fair in this box?

I play from hi-gain amps and pedals. Not looking for speaker breakup.


10/22/2017 7:42pm

The cones/ pistonic area being smaller there's more air per square inch to drive, for sure. But had it been me I would have looked into less sensitive 12" drivers or you're to lose more lows, making your tone sound smaller. Does the cab open at all? Or would it be possible to use just a singular driver and seal the unused position?

If high gain is what you're after specifically and set on 10" drivers my suggestion would be thinking twice about the G10C. It is inherently bright and clear, and is likely to sound fizzy with gain. Had it been me i would have looked into a more laid-back, british style driver for this purpose. Then the G10C/S could be an option.

Though I'm positive the cab is of good quality perhaps it's the size of it that's the limiting main limiting factor. Larger cabs have a larger sound. You could make a smaller cab sound a bit larger by padding the inside of it good and well. This way you can make the drivers react like had the cab been twice the size, really.

10/25/2017 10:26pm

yes ... the big question is: is it closed back? If so ... can it be converted?

Daniel St Peters
10/27/2017 12:58pm

Anything can be converted. I have tools!

It is a closed back cab.

I haven't tried a solid block-off plate but I have the two speakers split thru an A-B switcher. Presently, there is an ET65 on one side and an Invader 50 on the other. Playing each speaker, singularly, turns the other speaker into a passive radiator. I'm sure a solid baffle plate would sound different but I do like the sound of only one speaker in that size cab. It doesn't have the 'stuffed' sound I hear and dislike when both speakers are working. Maybe I should convert to a single twelve?

But then what to run in it? Reaper HP?