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Dr Z 2x10 cab speaker replacement

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10/26/2017 11:10pm

Hi, I have a Dr Z Maz 18 NR head that I play mostly through a Bogner 212 Gold Finger open back cab with a Celestion G12H30 & a Greenback 25. I love this head through this cab but was looking something a little smaller to carry around so picked up a Dr Z 2x10 cab loaded with Dr Z's 10's. Not really happy with the Z 10's so was doing some research for replacements. Found some info here on the forum for 12's but was wandering what might be a good setup with 10's. Do you think the Green Beret 10 and Retro 10 combo would give me close to the same response and feel as the Bogner cab? Based solely on your sound samples I'm liking the ET10. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot to mention that I play all styles but mostly country, classic rock, indie. I'm running the MAZ 18 primarily clean as a pedal platform and want to try and keep as much clean headroom and chime as possible...I know it's not gonna give me Fender clean but it's what I have to work with at the moment. My primary amp is the Bogner Gold Finger and it's clean channel is glorious. The Maz 18 is for smaller gigs and backup.


11/01/2017 9:44pm

Hello Vaughn and all you WGS speaker users,
would love to here anyone's thought on a 2x10 combination for the MAZ 18NR. Since posting my initial post I saw where the Green Beret 10 sensitivity was a lot less than the Retro 10 so I assume that would make the Retro 10 much louder.
So the question now is which pair for the MAZ 18NR ?????
A) pair of Retro 10's
B) pair of ET10's
C) Retro 10/ET10 combination

11/02/2017 3:25pm

Don't have much experience with the 10" drivers, but from what I know and hear for myself the Retro + ET combo is as much of a hit here as with 12" drivers. The ET would do better cleans and the Retro would leave some room for gain, really. Combined you'd get the best of both. Then of course it comes down to preference.

11/03/2017 10:52pm

Man, for me it would easily be a G10C and a G10C/S (smooth cone. It'll rock your world!

03/26/2018 2:40pm

Running Maz18NR thru 2x10 rocket cab (gr8 pine cab). Playing mostly clean and using overdrive to push breakup. I first thru in an ET10 with a G10C. Then matched the G10C with the G10C/S as I wanted more warmth while still keeping a nice clean top. It’s rocking my world!

03/27/2018 11:28am

Thanks "Discgolfputtz"!
Everybody else: see! ;-)

03/27/2018 7:05pm

The CS and C are so dingdang sweet together.... best cleans I’ve ever heard! Vaughn....if I wanted a less efficient cab so it can break up a little quicker....stay warm, keep the lows and not get too ice picky-what would be a nice 10 incher to pair with either the ET10, G10C or G10C/S?