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Wm Anderson
10/01/2020 9:34am

I'm curious about the Dr. Z 10" speaker from Eminence. What WGS 10" would be close to it and different in what manner? Do you have an idea what Eminence it's based off of?


Wm Anderson
11/07/2020 11:11am


What WGS does the DrZ 10" compare to?

Wm Anderson
02/02/2021 11:37am

Bump, again,

Hmm, is this question too hot or controversial to answer? Or, god forbid, is Dr. Z unknown in this forum??

02/05/2021 11:10pm

Vaughn just responded to the latest slew of questions, so I doubt he knows the answer. Dr. Z might be willing to help out.

Wm Anderson
02/08/2021 7:22pm

OK, but I don't think Dr. Z would be in depth knowledgeable about WGS and how would I ask such a question to buy from here instead of him/

Oh well...

02/10/2021 2:50am

Right, but Dr. Z might be willing to tell you which Eminence speaker it is like, and we could go from there.

Do you want a speaker just like it, or just a good speaker match for a particular Dr. Z amp? If the latter, knowing some things about the amp design would be useful to narrow down options i.e tone stack type, and if there's much negative feedback on the low end if any. Is it considered a bright or dark amp? I imagine Dr. Z amps have pretty beefy transformers, so it's probably not thin sounding.

Maybe you'd like a more scooped speaker with a tone knob only amp design or a Marshall Lead, Fender Brownface, or Baxandall type tone stack? Does the Dr. Z speaker have a wide cloth dust cap? Many Eminence speakers do, but that damps much of the cone resonance character -- better for modern high gain sounds, but may sound a bit dull or "vanilla".

The power tube type can be relevant regarding how tight or resonant they are. Probably want a tighter speaker with a 6L6GC VS EL34 (EL34 variants vary a lot in that regard) amp model, and/or with little to no low end neg feedback. EL84 types compress less than EL34, but Dr. Z generally uses a Russian EL84 variant that has a smoother high end. The Jetta uses 7591 "HiFi" amp tubes that are warm, tight, and balanced vs a more scooped and resonant 6L6GC.

I know there's a lot more to it, but I wouldn't know how else to proceed other than just trying some speakers with a given amp.

Wm Anderson
02/11/2021 6:41pm


Here's the link to the speaker:
That's about all I can tell you about it, looks like he has personal specifications in it. It's curiosity, maybe for grins I'll just pop for one and compare it with the 10" Retro 10 or Green Beret I have. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to have a 10" besides the WGSs I have.

With that being said, I'd be using something like a Marshall 18W with EL84s or Marshall SV20H with EL34s to try it on.