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Deluxe Reverb Reissue Eminence RedCoat RedFang Unhappy

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03/29/2019 12:00pm

Hey there, new to the forum. Have been researching a speaker upgrade for my 65 DRRI for a while now though. Diving into the world of speakers has led me down a path where I'm not really sure what I like/want out of a speaker and now I'm more confused than ever. The only thing I know I don't want is a Jensen style speaker. I'm not happy with the Eminence RedCoat RedFang that is currently in my amp (was installed when I bought the amp used). I was looking at the ET-65 but after watching countless videos and comparisons, I'm not really sure of what I want. I'm pretty certain I'm looking for something more British-voiced, but I'm not sure what. The Reaper, ET-65, Veteran 30, among others have all seemed interesting to me. I want a speaker that's going to sound great clean and dirty. I also can't put my finger on what it is I don't like about the Eminence RedFang that's currently installed, I just know I don't love it. It doesn't really have flubby bass or ice-picky highs that are the common problems that cause people to change speakers. Some help and guidance would be much appreciated!

03/31/2019 1:44pm

Hi and welcome!
Start with a search:
And be sure to read my blog:

04/01/2019 1:18am

Also be aware that the results you'll get regarding the top end depend somewhat on the tube compliment. Preamp tube brands/types will combine to shape the sound going to the power tubes, but a big factor in 6V6 amps is that the old Tung Sol 6V6GT type have a notably warmer sound than the JJ 6V6S that come stock in some amps. The JJ 6V6S has a more broad/glassy high end and less mid bass warmth -- sounding more like a 6L6. Neither type is better, but you might choose a speaker depending on which 6V6 type you prefer.