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cross-firing 2x10 cabinet speaker recommendations

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Joseph O'Connor
01/03/2020 10:00am

i'm looking into building one of these Bill Fitzmaurice designed cross-fire speaker cabinets:

I want something to extend my smallish combo amp (Laney CUB 12R), but nothing too heavy. The configuration of this BF cab kit design leads me to believe i might be able to use cab speakers smaller than 2x12's to accomplish what i want to do. My combo amp is british oriented, though i'm not hung up on that. And i just changed the combo speaker to an ET65, though it shuts off when the cab is connected. (addressing that is a question for another time).

The speaker kit site references a host of Eminence speakers, however, i'm interested in what might be the best WGS to use. Impressed with what i see here. I believe the Laney sells their 2x12 cabinet with their stock speakers wired 8 ohm in parallel, which i'd probably follow unless someone suggests strongly otherwise.

So, my question is, for this particular 'cross-fire' cabinet (the site picture has these speakers slightly angled in the cab) , what might a good pair of 2x10's?

I saw some interesting discussion in the threads about pairing the GC-10C and GC-10C/S, but would i benefit from that mix if this is not a traditional/standard cabinet layout?

or would i just use 2 ET-10's or 2 GC-10C's instead? Or something else from WGS entirely? Kinda limited i realize with 10".


01/07/2020 7:52pm

Nice cab choice. Sunn used to make cross-firing cabs. I guess they can have more internal volume with the same "footprint" as an angled cab? The description says it has a more scooped sound than it's counterparts, so an American-voiced pair might be nice. Mixing a Retro 10 with something else should also be good choice if you want more of a British bite without quite as much piercing 3~3.5kHz as a G10C. My belief is that mixing a standard ribbed cone speaker with either a smooth cone or a ribbed with wide soft dust cap will give more predictable results due to less inner-cone resonance phase cancellations, so two standard ribbed speakers may sound quite different than expected when mixed.

If you choose a Retro 10 or G10C, you could then select the other speaker based on whether you want more or less scoop, but mixing those two together may yield unexpected results. Perhaps someone else could guide you in that search.

Joseph O'Connor
01/08/2020 9:19pm

would the G10C (rib) paired with a G10C/S (no rib) accomplish something similar?

again, not too concerned if it's british or american

also, would a Retro paired with a G10C/S be another alternative?

01/27/2020 9:47pm

My guess is the G10C will work well with anything due to the virtually flat and uncolored response out to ~7kHz. The Retro 10 looks to have a more "edgy" peak up at 2.5kHz and less 3.5kHz than the GC10 with the "rounder" 2kHz peak. The Retro 10 might cut through a mix better. Otherwise, I could say how either combo would differ.