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Brit Flavoured Spkrs For A 10/12 Tweed Bassman Combo

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04/14/2019 11:53am

Howdy All,
Getting one of these built up. I'll prob. be running KT66 tubes in it and a 12AX7 in V1.
Wondering if I should go for the more subdued highs on the 10 (ET10) or the 12 (ET65).
Or, the Retro 10 and a selected Brit 12. Like the Reaper HP, or the ET65.
Suggestions please from the gallery ;-)
So many great choices from the Warehouse lineup.

04/23/2019 2:31am

Depends on several things -- assuming it's a 1x10/1x12 cab with the 10" on top and maybe offset? If you want flat midrange, deep flat bass and an uncolored smooth high end (to ~5kHz roll off point), go with a G12C/S. Then you can choose the 10" for the sound character you want. The G12C/S should go well with anything and not create significant mutual cone cancellations. A Reaper 30W or HP should work well too, but with a ~1.5kHz dip and the pronounced 2.4kHz (metallic) & 3.4~3.5khz (grit) peaks. The bass of the HP should be more like the G12C/S -- a bit clearer and deeper than the Reaper 30. The G10C is very nice (with no midrange dip like a Brit speaker), but you might splurge for the sweeter G10A. Either one should be great -- that's what I'd do. You could pick a Brit 10", but they will generally sound more edgy. The ET10 will have a softer high end.

About the amp, you'll want to make sure the power transformer can deliver the 1.3A KT66 tubes draw without straining. If you are unsure, you might just go with a set of Tung Sol 7581A power tubes. They are like KT66 without the extra current draw -- Deep clear uncompressed lows with sweet open highs. Very balanced sound and built to last. Check out the reviews on TheTubeStore site.