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Best Speakers for H&K Tubemeister 20 Deluxe

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11/03/2021 8:17pm

I have a Marshall cab with 2 Celestion Vintage 30s it seems a bit harsh. I'm only playing in my living room, 90% of the time I'm playing metal. Stuff like Metallica, Testament, etc. What's a good recommendation for this setup? If I could go back in time and just get a 1x12 I probably would since the 2x12 is a bit much for a small space, but it is what it is.

12/01/2021 9:06pm

AFAIK, the Chinese V30's were the harsh ones, but even the newer V30 doesn't have a dip in the ~3kHz range that reduces ear fatigue. Rather than replace both speakers, you could just replace the top speaker and staple a thick towel over the bottom speaker to muffle the high end. Several WGS speakers have a ~3kHz dip, so it's a matter of what sound you are looking for. The Retro 30 would be most like a V30, but with the ~3kHz dip. It's actually like a Ceramic-powered Celestion Gold. So, stronger bass punch and it has more 4kHz+ than most guitar speakers -- which gives it great chime, but can be a bit bright. The Reaper HP is a bit smoother in the high end -- G12H30-75 "Creamback" or Eminence "Wizard" type sound. The darkest I'd go would be the Invader 50. That has an "M" size magnet, so the attack is softer, but it still has decent chime. That might be best for close-up bedroom playing if the amp doesn't get too dark when cranked in the 1Wor 5W mode.