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Best speaker upgrade for Katana 50/100

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11/15/2019 12:37pm

What is the best Warehouse speaker to give the Katana 50/100 be best Fender clean sound?

11/19/2019 12:46pm

Man ... I know this might sound weird, but my many years of experience tell me the EASY answer is the ET65!
The G12C will be too harsh in that amp!

11/19/2019 4:13pm

...the ET90 for the 100W Katana?

11/22/2019 8:56am

The Katana 50/100 is not even close to 100 real-world old fashioned tube RMS watts ... the ET65 will handle anything she can throw at it :-)

11/23/2019 11:01pm

I don't mean to be contrary for the sake of it. AFAIK, Katana amps have fully analog amplifier sections configured to mimic tube amp response. It's possible that the peak wave shape is very close to the "shark's tooth" shape of a driven tube amp. I wouldn't chance it with the 100w model.

12/10/2019 4:24pm

Is the ET naturally smoother sounding?
Yes! Absolutely!

Since the ET is part of the British series and the g12 part of the American series I had expected the ET to have a little more bite or be less smooth.
The G12C is certainly more like the Jensen’s than say, an oxford or CTS ... so yes, very bright!!

I never like harsh sounds,
You wouldn’t like the G12 C then ... but ...

You may well be in LOVE with the G12C/S smooth-cone ... it is exactly the opposite of the regular G12C, the smooth cone is VERY warm ... so by all means, give it a try, and if you do, be sure to come back and post your results!