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ATTENTION: We Are Clearing the Spam

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Rod Jackson
05/03/2018 2:51pm

For the past few months, the WGS website had gone back to allowing unmoderated posting of comments in the forum and on blog posts. This has led to a severe increase in spam, which we are dealing with as follows:

1) Effective immediately, we are shutting down the ability to post new threads or comments for the bulk of users.

2) During this shutdown, we will be removing all spam, blocking all users found posting spam, and blacklisting IP addresses used by those posting spam.

3) We will immediately begin verifying legitimate forum users. Those who become verified will be able to post as normal, without moderation.

4) Once the spam has been cleared out, user posting will resume; but anyone who has not yet been verified will have your posts moderated before they appear.

5) Moderation for unverified users will be made a PERMANENT feature. To be verified, you may send us a message via our contact page ( to ask for verification. Users who have made purchases will be automatically verified.

We apologize for the disruption that this has caused to our forums and blogs! Please bear with us for the next week as we proceed to resolve this.

Thank you for your understanding!

-- IT Department

05/04/2018 9:08pm

Thank you. Glad you are fixin' the problems!

Rod Jackson
05/07/2018 4:56pm

We have finished clearing the spam from the forums and blog comments.

We have now resumed allowing logged in users to post comments. However, unless you are a verified user, your posts will be moderated, and may take up to a few days to show.

Users who have made purchases on this website will eventually be verified, however, if you wish to be verified right away, please let us know via our contact page ( and we will get in touch with you.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we've dealt with this issue! We will continue to keep an eye on things to ensure no further spam slips through.

--IT Department