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Approximate Peak Power Handling for My Cab?

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07/19/2017 12:03pm

I've got a closed 2x12 cab with a Veteran 30 and a Reaper HP wired at 8 ohms and roughly 100 watts power handling, I believe.

I'm assuming that this 100 watt rating is for constant power and the occasional peak over 100 watts is still safe, yet obviously has some inherent risk (I understand that).

Ballpark: What would be the approximate range of temporary peak power that this cab could handle beyond 100 watts? Or is 100 watts the maximum and pushing it with anything beyond that, these speakers will just blow?

07/19/2017 9:23pm

WGS speakers are rated quite conservatively, being designed to handle amps of the corresponding rating. In this case your cab should theoretically handle a distorting 100W amp. But typically with speakers you'd reckon peak power as twice that of the rated RMS power.

07/24/2017 10:46am

In WGS land it's like speaker ratings were back in the "golden era" ... 100-wats means 100 REAL watts RMS :-) (put another way, a 50-watt WGS can handle a fully cranked 50-watt Marshall, and so on...)